Our monthly theme for August seemed, I dare say, "easy" when Laura and I picked it, given the time of year and other events going on in our lives.  I immediately started my mental list of all the things coming up that would be just perfect for this theme.  But as the month progressed and I ultimately curated my images, it was actually really difficult for me to pull together a collection that fit the theme and that I loved.

The truth for me, I'm realizing, is that I am at my own beginning.  Or rather another small beginning or reinvention of myself when it comes to my photography.  I'm realizing more and more what I'm drawn to photograph and what I'm not drawn to photograph. I'm experiencing my usual subjects not being available to be photographed as their social lives pick up and needing to improvise if I want to shoot at all.  I'm also striving to be present more and choosing to leave my camera at home at times.  Maybe the biggest a-ha: I'm shooting in my old ways and it's just not working for me quite the same way anymore.

It's mind boggling how a theme can seem easy and then suddenly not be, but that's one of the reasons that I love this project and it's such great reminder about how personal growth feels - all over the place. :)

This month, I'm sharing a much smaller number of images and just snippets of our month - all represent the concept of "Beginnings."  I'm still very thankful this project is going strong - I look forward to seeing Laura's images probably more than my own!  Be sure to see what Beginnings her family created this month!