This month, Laura and I selected Blue for our monthly theme.  You would think that mothers of boys would have an easy time capturing blue but this was much harder than I expected.  I quickly realized that my boys a) don't wear a lot of blue, and b) don't surround themselves by a lot of blue.  Once I stopped trying to force it (Hey, don't you want to wear a blue shirt today???), it seemed to appear a bit more, but about half way through the month, I took it as a sign.  A sign that it would be a refreshing change to photograph subjects other than my children.  Subjects that made me fall in love with photography to begin with.  I am one of those moms who actually loves photographing subjects that have nothing to do with her kids, after all. :)

So this month is mostly about blue in my environment, with a bit of my boys thrown in for good measure. :)  I can't wait to see what Laura captured for our theme!  Go show her some love!