Welcome to this month's installment of a year long journey I'm taking with Laura Hutchason Photography as we explore our perceived parallels and deepen our friendship in the process!  We chose "Spring Break" for our March theme, so when you're finished here, be sure to check out her Spring Break in images!  It is very much a parallel close to my heart as she explored a city that my own family has a history with.

We kicked off our Spring Break with a road trip from Minneapolis to Madison (WI) to see my hubby's MFA show and celebrate his opening reception.  SIDE NOTE: we are SO PROUD of him and everything he has accomplished during his 3 years in his program.  It wasn't easy to have him gone, but seeing his personal and artistic growth has made it completely worth it.  But we're even more excited to have him home for good in just 6 weeks!  Wish I could say I was excited about giving him his half of the closet back. :O

After the MFA reception, we got our waterparking on in Wisconsin Dells with my sister and her family for a few days!  My kids love to spend time with their cousins and when you throw in hotel and waterpark fun, not to mention bonfire roasted Peeps, we all went to bed exhausted each night.  All those Wisconsin cocktails may have had something to do with that, too. ;)  We left for home on my sister's birthday, so of course a stop at the Norske Nook for pie was imperative.  Happy Birthday to my baby sis!  At least you'll always be younger! <3

Thanks for looking at my Spring Break - stay tuned for April!