PARALLELS - February

Last month, I introduced you to the awesome project that I'm collaborating with Laura on - and let me first say that I loved looking through her January images!  Not only were there synergies like I suspected there would be, but I really felt like I got to see her life through the images she selected.  And her images were fantastic - I hope you had a chance to check them out, too!

This month, we chose the theme "While Dad's Away."  For my family, Dad is always away - 4 hours away at grad school to be exact and only home about every 4 -6 weeks for a much too short weekend.  Therefore, I really could have posted any images taken in February to fit with the theme, but I wanted to be more thoughtful about telling my family's story.  So my images started as a tribute to either how we cope when Dad's away, how we go without when Dad isn't around to make his special lemon glaze, my abundant use of cilantro (aka "devil weed" according to Dad), things that I let the boys get away with that would make him give me the evil eye (I love you honey!), and all the pinching, biting and kicking these boys do to each other lately that I either photograph or ignore because I'm too exhausted to deal. :)

But maybe the best part about our February is that when Dad called to say he wouldn't be able to come home for his birthday, we decided to take the party to him and make it a big surprise.  That change of scenery did a world of good for us all.  We jumped on hotel beds, ate deliciously toxic candy, swam in the pool, surprised Dad at a restaurant (thanks to some clever planning by Dad's good friend Brian), visited Dad's and Brian's studios, created our own art, and ate at our favorite place in Madison (Ella's Deli) before road tripping back home.

Thanks for looking at my February! Now be sure to visit Laura's project page to see what her family was up to while their Dad was away!  And come back next month for our March theme reveal!


Artists featured:

Brian Bartlett & Chris Rowley, 3rd year MFA candidates, UW-Madison

More information linked here for their upcoming MFA Exhibitions dates.