PARALLELS - November

All of a sudden, it's November and there is just one month left on this year long project with my dear friend Laura.  Like any project, there have been ups and downs for us both, but I count on this project each month, just like I count on her friendship.  We're starting to talk about how to evolve our project in the upcoming new year, so stay tuned on that front!  We're not even close to sick of each other. <3

On to our November theme....maybe predictable, but Thankful nonetheless. :)  I feel extremely thankful this month, not only because I was able to spend time with my family in the city I love, but I was able to take my first solo vacation in nearly 20 years to Canmore, Alberta, Canada (near Calgary and Banff National Park), to get some much needed alone time as well as inhale my first photography conference.  I left that experience a much better mother and artist - completely win-win.  I can't wait to pursue some of the projects that are starting to percolate in my head and heart.

Be sure to visit Laura's page to see what she was thankful for in November!