PARALLELS (introduction) - January

One of the best things about being a photographer is connecting with other photographers, whether it's in person or via the online community.  I feel so fortunate to have become great friends with a fantastic photographer, Laura of Laura Hutchason Photography.  We met a little over a year ago in an online workshop and quickly mutually noticed how much we seemed to have in common.  Photographers, wives, mothers, mothers to 2 boys, urban dwellers (she lives in the Washington DC area and I am in Minneapolis).  It seemed like one of us was constantly remarking "I did that too!" when we'd recap our weekends or look at each other's images.

As 2015 began to wrap up, we started to talk about doing a photography project together and it didn't take long for our idea to surface: test our theory that we are soul sisters leading parallel lives by getting to know each other better through a year of monthly themes to see if we have as much in common as we think.  I can't wait to peek into her life and see what happens as we journey through this project together.  I keep wondering "What if we actually have very little in common???" but the truth is that it won't really matter anyway. <3

On to our first month's theme: Saturday Mornings! This was SUCH a fun theme for January - we are homebodies in the winter, so we really enjoyed sleeping in a little, hanging out together, and eating our very favorite Saturday morning breakfast of pancakes.  Pretty much every Saturday morning on repeat! In fact, I bet these images seem like they could have taken place all on the same morning, with a few little exceptions. :)

When you're done viewing my images, hop on over to Laura's page to see how she spent her Saturday mornings, and see if she and I shared any Saturday morning activities! I can't wait to look myself. <3