Light P366 - Week 13

13 weeks in...or 94 days...and it would be so easy to quit this thing.  My work/life imbalance seems to be winning the war against my creativity and more than twice I've crawled out of bed to shoot ANY LIGHT just to get my image.  Which is not really fun or inspiring.  And shooting when you're uninspired is the worst.

But I press on, shooting daily, seeking light daily.  And for what? The ability to be prepared when I do feel inspired and I do feel creative and feel balance.  Because what is really the worst (creatively speaking) is when you feel inspired and have a vision in your head and then you can't capture what you want to communicate.

Seeking light is the goal of the this P366 - I never promised myself an amazing image everyday, I only promised myself that I would seek out light and capture it.  Knowing that the more I know about light, the more I'll be able to translate my vision when it strikes. Because light is often what settles my mind, makes my heart sing, and helps me to know that there is something much bigger out there than the daily grind.

So I keep plugging away, I keep moving forward, I keep seeing light. And I keep shooting daily.