2016 Project 366 Introduction

In 2015, I attempted (and completed - yaHOO!) my first daily shooting project.  I took an image every single day of the year with my iPhone and posted it on Instagram.  It was certainly tough at times, but using my iPhone made it feasible overall.

I didn't love every single image, but I do love that it opened my eyes and helped me practice photographing different compositions, light, and everyday moments.  And it gave me a great sense of accomplishment to look at the collective project as I completed each month.  I just uploaded all the images to Chatbooks and I can't wait to receive a book of my printed images in the mail!


Fast forward to 2016 - I'm not ready to give up my daily shooting project! But this time, I'm challenging myself to primarily use my Nikon and to focus on a theme: LIGHT.  Light is one of those things that really draws me in and compels me to photograph something- so what better theme this go around, right?

I plan to post my images daily on Instagram and blog them weekly here and on Facebook each Sunday - so catch them where it's most convenient and thanks for following!

2016 Project 366, Week 1: