Light P366 - Week 52 (Final Week!)

I made it! The final six images that bring me to Day 366 of my daily shooting project focused on light.  And the end of TWO years of daily shooting.

I wasn't perfect.  I missed some days but doubled up the next.  And I always kept moving forward, pushing through lackluster moments where the last thing I wanted to do was pick up my camera or lug around my heavy DSLR.  And I forgave myself for the things I used to beat myself up for the first year I completed a 365.

As I reflect and review my images from the year, I am so happy I chose Light as my theme - because I can see a shift on the types of light I now gravitate toward, and I think I embraced softer light than I may have the year before.

I can't say that I'm definitely doing a third consecutive year of shooting daily, but I am excited to see what 2017 brings no matter what I decide to shoot.

Light P366 - Week 51

Here we are, the second to last post on this year's daily shooting project!  I'm still undecided on whether I'll continue with 2017!

Light P366 - Week 50

On this freezing Minnesota winter day, staying inside to blog seems like a really good way to spend a Sunday.  Week 50 complete! TWO MORE WEEKS!!!

Light P366 - Week 49

49 weeks down, just 3 weeks to go.

Light P366 - Week 48

One more week complete, and only a few more to go to the finish line!

Light P366 - Week 47

Last full week of November, and then on to the final month of this project.

Light P366 - Week 46

Nothing helps me see light more than shaking up my environment.  What a lovely week up in Canmore, Alberta, Canada.

Light P366 - Week 45

Another week complete! The end is getting closer! <3

Light P366 - Week 44

I woke up this morning and let the sun shine on me while sipping my coffee (probably my favorite thing about the weekends) and looked over at my photo board of last year's favorites from my Project 365.  And rather than wait until this year's daily shooting project was over, I started ordering my Chatbooks series for the volumes I've completed.  With being so close to the finish line, I've almost forgotten what the light looked like back in January.  Can't wait to revisit past days and past light, and get that extra boost of motivation to complete this year's project.

Small tangent: I was not a fan of the blinds my husband installed until I saw the patterned light all over my son's face.  Swoon!!! (See? Light makes everything better!)

On to this past week's images! Week 44 COMPLETE!

Light P366 - Week 40

Somehow I got off track and completely missed this blog post a couple weeks ago!  Belated Week 40!

Light P366 - Week 43

This week brought on the 300' excited to be in the final months of this project!

Light P366 - Week 42

Another week in the books! All caught up!

Light P366 - Week 41

Guess what happens when you have 3 clients in 8 days (including a wedding) and photography is not your FT job?  You get behind!  Sharing Week 40!

Light P366 - Week 39

September has wrapped up, and we're finally moving on to October! That means my favorite light of the year! <3 <3 <3

Light P366 - Week 38

It dawned on me this week, that I have under 100 images to go. <3

Light P366 - Week 37

Sometimes when I blog this weekly post, I can't believe I am still doing this project.  There are easy days and challenging days, and I keep pushing forward.  Week 37 complete!

Light P366 - Week 36

It's already Thursday and I'm just posting last week's images!  We've been blessed with amazing weather and I've been reminded of how lovely that Fall sun can be - golden, low in the sky, and so so warm.  My favorite light and my favorite season.

Light P366 - Week 35

Another week down!  And lugging this heavy full frame around is making me seriously consider buying something mirrorless.  If you own a mirrorless, let me know what you have and if you love it!

Light P366 - Week 34

This week represents the last week of summer - tomorrow the kids are back to school! Thankful, we'll still have a few weeks of summer light left!  Another week complete, and I'm pushing through this rut. :)

Light P366 - Week 33

Another week down!  Just 19 to go.  LOL, "just".....