My approach to making photographs has completely changed.  I'm so much more aware now of the entire frame, and my intensions about what I want to clearly participate within it.  What can seem effortless as a result rarely ever is as a process. - Melissa Rowley

This month I’ve been slowly trying to sort through all of the lessons taught to us, and figuring out how to apply them within my natural habitat with my usual subjects. I am finding that I have a higher bar for what constitutes a “good” photograph, and that is simultaneously good yet so hard on some days! - Carrie Yuan

For me, the first month of this project has been about commitments - to showing up, to being ready, to seeing rigorously. - Jo Lien

As I trepidatiously embark on my first 365, I’m constantly reminding myself of the importance of daily practice.  While the words of our esteemed teacher swirl through my mind, “The path to greatness goes through good”. - Laura Hutchason Hearn