Motherhood - April

Goodness do I love this project.  Mothers bonding over a powerful, shared experience and revealing their true selves and their true motherhoods.  While preparing for this month's post, more than one of us confided to each other "Do I dare share this? But it's blurry or not technically correct! Or I'm not sure if I really want people to see how dirty my house is!" Guess what, WHO CARES? Motherhood isn't Pinterest - so let's embrace it!  And be sure to head over to Laura's page next and follow the circle through.

So, this is my motherhood, not just in April, but year round.  Dirty windows, a dishwasher that doesn't really get those fingerprints off those heavily used wine glasses, stuff all over my very lived in living room.  I mentioned ALL OVER, didn't I?

And bright, lovely sun shining all over it reminding me that clean windows, pristine wine glasses, and tidy rooms really aren't my thing anyway.  So excuse me while I put my feet up after my very long day and have a glass of wine, soak in the light, and watch my kids tear apart my house.  As usual.