June's Motherhood Project

Welcome to another month of The Motherhood Project - this image makes this project half way complete!

Like last month, independence is the theme of my Motherhood image.  It's a huge part of where I am in my journey as a parent to pre-teens.  This summer, my boys have been extremely busy gaining their newfound independence.  No one could have prepared me for how scary and amazing this is for a parent.  You want your child to have self-sufficiency and be able to entertain themselves.  But what started as riding their bikes just far enough out of my sight, has evolved into being out of sight for hours, and me needing to be comfortable with that.

Your mind starts to panic a bit when they've been gone just past "long enough" - you wonder if they got into an accident, you wonder if maybe you should have said "yes" to having a cell phone so you could easily be contacted in case of an emergency.  You're almost ready to hop in the car and trace that imaginary line between home and wherever they might be found.

And then just at the right moment, they come into a distant sight, with a wide grin and a story of adventure, and you know that everything is as life should be for a kid.  And letting go is just part of parenthood journey.

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