I am joining forces with several other photographers who are also mothers, for a project that really speaks to me.  Each month we each plan to share an image about the realities of motherhood.  Anyone who is a mom knows that motherhood is many, many things: sweet, gritty, exhausting, rewarding, the list goes on.  Our images will reflect all those realities, and I hope that it is as relatable to you as it is to me.

Each image by these talented women speaks to some aspect of my own motherhood experience, and I find a lot of power and community in the fact that we are all willing to get out of our comfort zones, share our truths, and invite our viewers into our moments - no matter how raw they may be from time to time.  So, enjoy!  And after you're finished viewing my image for January, please go see Angie Schueren Photography's image and follow the circle all the way through!