My Minnesota - May Edition

One of my favorite things to do as a photographer is see something familiar from the perspective of someone else.  So I'm thrilled to be joining several ladies who are photographers right here in Minnesota in a monthly blog circle that showcases our beautiful state, each from our individual points of view.

I'm in Minneapolis, and our city is blessed by smart city planners who planted flowering trees all over our neighborhoods.  I started my month by freelensing the trees in front of De La Salle High School on Nicollet Island and capturing the trees planted on my block in South Central Minneapolis. I wrapped up the short season by photographing my 9 year old climbing the trees planted at Lake Hiawatha and taking in the amazing cluster of trees planted on Minnehaha Parkway near Lake Nokomis.

Goodbye May - see you next year!

Now that you've seen how I spent my May, be sure to follow the circle and see what everyone else was up to, including the fantastic Erin of Erin Blair Photography!