Letting go of expectations.

Since my Donut Moment, I've been focusing on less planning and more reacting to the great moments that unfold on their own.  Today, I finally got into my garden to plant some sugar snap peas, kale and lettuce - and while I hoped my kids would help me and I could get some fun shots of them planting and dirty, I knew not to let all these expectations of "the perfect pictures" creep up.

They were super excited to help me, but that fizzled in literally 3 minutes.  And I was left to finish planting the garden alone.  And I survived.  I got very few shots but gained a bit of peace and sanity instead of disappointment and frustration or worse, yelling at them for not helping me produce the images in my head.  Most importantly, they felt good about themselves and our interaction.

And then I got this instead.  And it was so much better than anything I could have planned.