Outtakes might be the best takes.

We're all dealing with some stage of the flu here, so no one feels much like posing, or shooting for that matter.  So organizing my Lightroom flies seemed like a great idea this afternoon, being I'm in bed anyway.  That is when I'm not making toast for someone.

I came across a series of images that I had rejected earlier (yet saved because I knew better than to actually delete them), and after viewing them again, I do think I may love them as much as the image I was after originally.  In fact, sometimes, the outtakes are what reflect the subject's personality the most.  I'm not saying these are portfolio worthy, but I do believe they are print worthy.

So do remember to view your old images from time to time - you might have a fresh perspective. And keep an open mind to an image - it just might be the one that captures your reality.