Happy Birthday Dad!

So, dad's away at grad school.  We only get to see him about once every 3-4 weeks.  He was home last weekend, and he's preparing for his MA show (plus we're going to Madison to see it/him in "just" 2 weeks), so it didn't really  make sense for him to come home this weekend.  Except today is his birthday.

And we missed him, and love him, and just plain miss him.  So we threw him a birthday party.  We started the day pretending to drink coffee.  We ate his favorite pancakes.  We went on a lake drive, and we used his undergrad school art to create new art.

And then we made him a card with poems, we FaceTimed, and made him a birthday cake - and someone (you can guess who) made sure all the individual ingredients were up to par, as well as the final product.  The rest of us are waiting until after dinner. :)

At any rate, happy birthday Dad!  WE LOVE YOU!